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BattleFluff is a purveyor of handmade felt terrain and tokens for TTRPGs.

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The Sundrenched King

The Sundrenched King. Compatible with Mörk Borg. An image of a gold and red velvet crown with seven sunburst spikes

You are newcomers to Hunningbury. You are here to stop the coronation. Helvius will die. Long live Helvius.

A Mörk Borg compatible adventure.

Home-Field Advantage - A Compendium of Lair Actions

Two adventures magically shield themselves from the lightning bolt cast by an octopus-like humanoid as a third leaps to safety.

A collection of 250 new lairs designed for over 300 different creatures from fifth edition. Each lair has a set of actions designed with a specific creature (or group of creatures) in mind, making for dynamic and flavourful boss encounters at any level of play.

Charm & Chance's Jolly Jaunts through the Domains of Delight

A horned figure wielding a bow rides a giant cat in front of a mountainous background.

Let Charm the satyr and her loyal steed Chance take you on a journey through the most wonderful and whimsical pocket planes of the Feywild.
Each writer contributed a domain and the strange archfey who rules over it with a single-minded obsession, with a role-play guide and lots of plot hooks for you to drop it into your game.

Full Library

A list of all the published TTRPG work that I have written or contributed to!

The Sundrenched King: A Mörk Borg Adventure (Writer)
Home-Field Advantage - A Compendium of Lair Actions (Contributor)
Charm & Chance's Jolly Jaunt through the Domains of Delight (Contributor)
The Tower Guestbook (Contributor)
Dragons, Delve-Ins, and Dives (Contributor)
Through the Veil: Treasures of the Feywild (Contributor)
The Magic Shop Catalogue (Contributor)
101 Bows & Ammo (Contributor)
Vice & Virtue (Guest Writer)
Incredible Creatures (Contributor)
Scientific Secrets of Icewind Dale (Contributor)


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