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BattleFluff is a purveyor of handmade felt terrain and tokens for TTRPGs.I would love for you to check out my wares at my online shop, or click Writing to see my latest TTRPG releases.Thanks! -K




Across the Sallow Sea

Across the Sallow Sea. Compatible with Mausritter. A rat rides in a newspaper boat pulled by newts through yellowed grass

A long and harsh summer has leeched the village of Dolham of almost all of its water. Only the bravest of mice would brave the arid Sallow Sea to fetch the water the villagers desperately need.A sweltering adventure compatible with Mausritter.

Incredible Items

Incredible Items: Art-inspired Items for Fifth Edition. A white-furred, horned cloak is centred on a purple velvet background. Around it are many other items including a handmirror with two sculpted faces, a bow with a lightning motif, and an ominous sword

A glorious trove of magic items designed for fifth edition, where art comes first! Artists were given free reign to draw, then writers created lore and mechanics inspired by the images.
Find loads of new items made by a host of imagnitive creators, include 10 evolving artifacts that grow alongside player characters!

The Urban Wilds

The Urban Wilds. Below the title is the top of a block of flats covered in scaffolding and a solitary crow sitting on a rooftop

A post-post-apocalypse game of community and survival for one GM and two or more players. You play as a group of animals, born and raised in the city, the apocalypse of the countryside has been and gone. Deal with factions, hide from humans, grow your community; keep yourselves fed.

Full Library

A list of all the published TTRPG work that I have written or contributed to!

- Across the Sallow Sea: A Mausritter Adventure (Writer/Art)
- Incredible Items (Contributor)
- The Urban Wilds: One-Page RPG (Writer/Art)
- Places of Power (Contributor)
- Catacombs of the Bat Cultists: A One-page Mausritter Dungeon (Writer/Art)
- The Sundrenched King: A Mörk Borg Adventure (Writer/Art)
- Home-Field Advantage: A Compendium of Lair Actions (Contributor) Silver ENnie Award winner for Best Monster/Adversary 2022
- Charm & Chance's Jolly Jaunt through the Domains of Delight (Contributor)
- The Tower Guestbook (Contributor)
- Dragons, Delve-Ins, and Dives (Contributor)
- Through the Veil: Treasures of the Feywild (Contributor)
- The Magic Shop Catalogue (Contributor)
- 101 Bows & Ammo (Contributor)
- Vice & Virtue (Guest Writer)
- Incredible Creatures (Contributor)
- Scientific Secrets of Icewind Dale (Contributor)


If you're interested in hiring me to write/create some fluff for you, want to keep up to date with my latest projects, or just want to say hi; you're in the right place! Feel free to visit me on Twitter or Instagram, or drop me a message using the email below.

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